Varenna Minimal Due

Varenna Minimal Due CR&S Varenna (2005) Minimal due, design Varenna. A project defined by aesthetical rigor and extraordinary versatility of the composition. The integrated handle is the “personality element” for all the doors: a very distinctive visual rhythm to the compositions. The possibility to combine different materials and finishing gives to Minimal due the ability…

Varenna Alea

Varenna Alea Paolo Piva  &  CR&S Varenna (2003) Alea. Primary form. A rigorous design for a new defining of the kitchen. A project by Paolo Piva featuring ’minimal’ formal characteristics: to convert every practical unit into sheer design, essential forms, maintaining the highest possible operativeness. The aesthetic concept of Alea is linked to the strong…

Varenna My Planet

My Planet CR&S Varenna (2008) My Planet: this kitchen interprets the widespread desire for praticality and elegance. A sensation suggested by new components such as handles and countertops af various thicknesses, the use of light equipped panels and white and dark pine finishes. Technically evolved solutions and fundamental design components that guarantee original compositions for…

Varenna Twelve

Varenna Twelve Carlo Colombo  &  CR&S Varenna (2009) Twelve, the research of a new essential design with minimal horizontal thicknesses and maximum wideness of the surfaces primary volumes characterized by the absence of handles interpret different stylistic values thanks to an exceptional variety of finishes and materials.

Varenna Matrix

Varenna Matrix CR&S Varenna (2005) A project with an aesthetic extremely essential, featured by great volumes and wide surfaces. It is targeted for a public looking for a kitchen of minimalist-contemporary style, which should be at the same time “important”, with the availability of big spaces in which the elements are valorized.

Varenna Kyton

Varenna Kyton CR&S Varenna (2009) A plan that proposes a new vision of design combining versatility and concreteness: an increasingly more personalized kitchen, an ideal world of pleasure in simplicity. Kyton, design CR&S Varenna, is a kitchen expressing an evolved and informal living solution. The freedom to live one’s personal space.