Idea design Daniel Libeskind

Design Daniel Libeskind

Idea is an innovative door which evolved from the intense research and synergy of Daniel Libeskind and TRE-Più, with the goal of offering a truly unique product with a high level of sensorial perception.
The visual experience is reinforced by the exclusive patented profile in aluminium, which separates the door from the wall with an optical effect due to its distinctive shape. It guarantees that the door is flush with the wall, and creates an incomparable interplay of shadows and light, depending on the light source. The possibility of hiding LEDs inside the profile further enhances its impact on the personality of Idea.
Aesthetics are only one of the door’s strong points, because the materials used to make the product also contribute to making it very interesting.  The absolute quality of the raw materials, like the wood from certified sustainable forests, guarantees the buyer’s conviction of choosing to furnish each room with a unique product. The leaf is build with innovative materials and a technology that sets Idea apart with an additional sensorial perception, noiselessness. During the design phase, Daniel Libeskind emphasized the importance of high level technical performance to characterise the product, from an
aesthetic point of view and also in a tangible way.  These characteristics now exist, thanks to the research and know-how of TRE-Più, in a door which is able to limit the impact of noise on the environment.
Research and realization techniques to create a distinctive product also include the finishing processes. Lacquers, made with the best paints on the market, can be either matt or in glossy polished polyester, with a mirror effect produced by the decades of experience that TRE-Più has in paint finishes.  Wood finishes are characterised by the Scultura effect, which is the possibility of touching the wood surface and feeling the grain, for yet another one-of-a-kind sensorial experience.
Idea is therefore an extraordinary and inimitable door, guaranteed by the design of Daniel Libeskind and by TRE-Più. Idea. See. Hear. Touch. Feel.